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Issei Suda
Yao, Osaka, 1978
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Y-3 FW14

Chloé - Spring 2013.


the thing about macklemore:

yes, i know he’s donating the proceeds from Same Love to lgbt charities. do i still suspect that he’s on that gay rights shit because it’s kind of a way for straight artists to seem cultured and cosmopolitan, but not in a way that requires a whole lot of self-reflection? yeah, i do. but i can see where some people would not feel that way.

however, when anyone mentions same love, they inevitably follow it to the same conclusion: macklemore is positive hip-hop. he raps about real stuff. about real issues. he’s so positive. now, jay-z and kanye rap about the state of black men in america, like, all the time, nicki minaj talks about being a black woman, and frank ocean and azealia banks talk about being black and queer at the same time, and yet, that doesn’t get regarded as “revolutionary” as a straight white man saying, amazingly, that he doesn’t hate gay people.

no, music critics say that he’s rapping about social issues while the rest of the genre is all about strippers & their big titties, as if white rock stars never sang about drugs or as if it’s surprising that a subgenre of music shaped by a group of people who have been routinely stripped of their wealth, agency, and power, would focus on flashy wealth, agency, and power.

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People who think racism doesn’t exist are racists lets just get that clear

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i don’t hate you bc you’re white i hate you bc being white has blinded you and you have been taught to be a racist piece of shit and then you expect me to fix it for you

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